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People expect eCommerce website to have a quick and seamless experience, from when they first land on the site to completion of an order. However, for a B2B business, things aren’t quite the same, there is more of a reliance on sales reps, and while this is important to securing business, it doesn’t need to be the only channel for it. With the evolution of technology, businesses and people have changed to how they interact with each other, and B2B businesses can secure sales through their website.

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Everything a B2B website needs

All B2B website essentials

  • Trade accounts – create different trade account levels to display different prices to different customers.
  • Payment Options – the ability to accept payment directly, or by invoice.
  • Send or Collect – Let your trade customers decide if they want their order shipped or to collect.
  • Multi-Address Shipping – for companies that need products shipping to multiple addresses.
  • Barcode Integration – Use bar coding for products, orders and customer tracking.
  • Simple Bulk Editing – easy to update multiple products at a time.

They helped tailor the Magento platform to our business needs, creating custom functionality that solved the complex task of letting customers order made-to-measure products through the website. This has in-turn improved our efficiency by reducing the number of phone enquiries and pushing more online sales.

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From design to support

Handled by an experienced team

We provide everything you need for your B2B ecommerce website, from the design and development, to ongoing support, to keep your website secure and ahead of the competition. We know that reputation is everything and that your clients need to know that we’ll receive the same high level of service.

Whether you make products or trade them with other businesses, our team can help to take your products online and make it easier for others to buy directly from you.

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B2B eCommerce essentials

All functionality included

We give you the functionality you’ll need to succeed, such as being able to offer multiple pricing tiers for different customers, while also being able to provide dynamic pricing depending on the quantity of products companies order. Everything is seamless and helps you trade more efficiently.

Simplify the order process

EDI Integration

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) helps companies exchange orders and stock through an updated processes. We help companies enable this automated exchange of business transactions such as orders, invoices, and other business documents using EDI. This helps keep your data centralised in one place, reducing errors and speeding up cycle times, resulting in lower inventory and improved bottom line.

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