Data Management

Data Management

Transform your business with the key insights you gain from your data.

Bring all the data into one central place to be used. This includes data discovery, data collection, data migration, data modernisation, data augmentation and data transformation.

  • Access your data, no matter the size or complexity

  • Clean, merge and transform your data

  • Develop strong data processes

  • Build trust and transparency in your data

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Cleaining your data

Collate, migrate and modernise your data

Data sources can often be numerous as a business grows. A legacy system, mixing with new software, can cause key areas to be missed. We’ll discover and collate all viable data sources and migrate them to a unified source. We’ll then modernise and augment the data to transform it into an accessible resource. This optimises your existing infrastructure and data.

We use our own Data Modernisation Framework to guide you through everything you need, to ensure your organisation is data-ready.

How We Help

What we bring to the (data) table

We combine industry knowledge, data expertise, and innovative cloud solutions to maximise the business impact of data.

  • Data migration - We eliminate limitations in data storage, reduce management expenses, and significantly enhance data utilisation.
  • Updated data infrastructure - Develop a reliable and reusable collection of data tools to accelerate insights generation

Reviewing our data has saved over £1m. Aggregating data from several software systems now means we can investigate and continually improve performance. Real-time reports mean items are instantly captured and reviewed - this has saved us over £500,000 per annum in the first two years alone.

Rotala PLC

Our unique approach

Data is the driver and isev is the differentiator

All of this is possible thanks to the cloud. And while migrating data to the cloud may seem like a daunting task for many organisations, it’s just the beginning. Migration opens up a much bigger opportunity to build a reliable data platform across different parts of your business. A value creation platform. A platform that can enhance and reinvigorate operational workflows. An experience that informs and engages your customers and employees. A platform that powers the next wave of product innovation and market growth.

What we do

Our Process

This is our Data Migration framework. Each stage has been structured to secure approach

1. Data Migration Planning

The “Planning” stage covers the planning and aligning of the organisation for the project and data requirements.

  • Requirement Analysis >
  • Calculating Cost >
  • Choosing Architecture >
  • Migration Strategy >
  • Considering Security Risks >
  • Designing team for further steps >
  • Business impact discussed and designed

2. Design

The “Design” stage encompasses the complete design of primary and subsidiary data processes. The substance of the project is generated here with a broad scope capturing each element necessary for completion.

  • Data storage and operations design >
  • Data modelling and design >
  • Data security check and design >
  • Data quality audit and design >
  • Data architecture designed >
  • Policies and documentation updates >
  • Value extension

3. Integration

Content established in the Design stage is prepared to be integrated and data refinements for migration.

  • Data Source listed >
  • Data integration verified and designed >
  • Data Mapping plan >
  • Data storage verified, designed or redesigned >
  • Data targets designed >
  • Manuals delivered

4. Migration & Implementation

Planning and execution of migration is accompanied by testing and a final release sees a full connection of designed processes with the system.

  • Planning >
  • Agile project implementation >
  • Migration and automation >
  • Testing and final release

5. Running

The “Running” stage is monitoring the performance of the launch.

  • Operation and support >
  • Data Governance >
  • Optimization >
  • Use cases revisit >
  • Business automation
Why choose isev

Why Transform Your Data with Us?

Data Modernisation and Migration can provide your organisation with a number of advantages. Implementing it with us can multiply those advantages. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • A well thought-out and tested Data Modernisation Framework that guides you step-by-step through the data transformation process, ensuring nothing gets overlooked.
  • A cost effective solution from a team that looks at the realistic and practical implementation requirements aligned to business objectives
  • Support from dedicated and experienced data consultants in the fields of Business Analysts/Data Analysts/Data Engineers/Data Architects/DevOps Engineers and more
  • Knowledge & experience in creating solutions based on modern data warehouse/data lakehouse systems
What's the difference?

Data Migration and Cloud Migration

Data Migration involves transferring data from one system to another, while Cloud Migration involves moving the infrastructure and network of systems and applications to a cloud environment.

In Data Migration, the main focus is on the data itself and the insights that can be gained from it, whereas Cloud Migration concentrates on harnessing the full potential of cloud technology.

Unlock the potential of your data

  • Maximise the value of data - Create reliable, accessible, and adaptable data products that enhance efficiency and speed.
    Benefits: Lower rework costs, real-time insights, increased acceptance due to transparency and reliability.
  • Enhanced data and value - Assess new market trends and implement efficient governance to seamlessly integrate solutions into existing systems, preventing isolated cloud environments.
    Benefits: Automation can provide immediate returns through pre-built solutions, as opposed to the lengthy process of developing custom solutions.
  • Maximised value - Implement workflows that enable teams to increase production and efficiency.
    Benefits: Redesigned workflows for customer interactions, product launches, supply chains, and asset management.
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