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Magento support and maintenance

Our Magento support service is focused on ensuring the optimal performance of your ecommerce website by maintaining open communication with you. This approach provides transparency and keeps you informed of any updates regarding your website.

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What you can expect

Some of the benefits of our Magento Support:

  • A support team that holds itself accountable.
  • Access to lead developers on the project (no juniors).
  • Making sure problems stay fixed (audited code).
  • Access to experts in design, development & hosting.
  • Website and 3rd party add-ons kept up to date.

“isev’s support is really great, they communicate regularly with us, in non-techy speak, and we’re delighted to have our hosting and support with them for several years. Our website is kept up to date both with improvements and the latest security patches, and all communication is met with a timely response giving us peace of mind that our website is in safe hands.“

– Emma MacDonald - Wood By Post

We're here to help

Magento support based on open communication

When searching for a team to assist with Magento support and development, numerous individuals express disappointment with the inadequate communication and customer support offered by their previous provider. Our Magento 2 support and development services prioritize open communication to address this issue.

We have a range of different communication options for those looking for help, and a wide range of experience from our team, from design and development to marketing advice, all here to help and respond with the answers to drive real change and improvement to your store.

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Support that helps in all areas

Magento 2 support that covers design, development & more!

The companies and people we work with have a range of different needs for their Magento eCommerce store. Some want to take advantage of our Magento development team's knowledge, others with help with updating and evolving the store's design to aid with business growth.

Our team of professionals specialising in Magento can assist you with any requirements you may have regarding Magento maintenance services. Our experts can assist in the continuous improvement and development of your Magento eCommerce store.

Proactive Magento support

More than just a problem solver

A Magento support and maintenance package is commonly perceived as a safety measure in case of any issues (which we'd take care of). However, an agency should also utilize this time to proactively enhance the website.

We encourage cooperation between you and isev to facilitate the implementation of desired changes in your Magento store. If there are any improvements you would like to suggest, please contact us, and we will gladly assist you.

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Secured Website

Keeping your Magento website secure

Ensuring maintenance and support for your Magento website is crucial for maintaining security. Neglecting to update the CMS and plugins with new security patches can result in potential security vulnerabilities.

We stay up-to-date with the latest updates and changes to the Magento CMS, extensions, and plugins. We test these security updates on your store to ensure they do not cause any issues and then apply them to your website to maintain its safety.

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We’re here to help

By your side when you need a hand

We understand that keeping your online store running and up-to-date is paramount to the success of your business. That’s why our team is proactive and responsive in identifying and resolving issues that may cause a loss in sales, whether it be from a system or website update.

The complete support package

We offer all the Magento extras

Fine tune your website
Our Magento support packages include assistance from our experts to handle any necessary amendments, updates, or development work, allowing for fine-tuning of your website.

Supporting all versions of Magento
Our team has extensive experience in supporting and maintaining Magento community, professional, and enterprise solutions. We offer expertise in design, development, and advice to improve eCommerce business performance.

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Expert Magento developers

Dedicated team of developers

Our agency consists of a team specialized in supporting and maintaining Magento. Our team of Magento development experts has extensive experience working with Magento 1 since its early success.

Our team of Magento support developers provides a range of services to companies using Magento, including migration, website code optimisation, and custom extension development. We are available to assist with your requirements.

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Working with compnaies big and small

Working with all types of business and customers

Our company collaborates with businesses of all sizes and goals, providing Magento 2 support to enhance their ecommerce platform and meet their objectives, from local sales to international expansion.

Our ecommerce agency provides valuable support to our clients who rely on our years of experience working with ecommerce websites and Magento. We understand that every website is unique and offer tailored support to meet individual needs such as improving customer experience or maintaining website security through the latest patch releases. We offer a variety of Magento support packages to suit different requirements, from small small updates to collaborating on major changes. Check out our support packages to see what we can offer.

Support Base

  • For Magento CE
  • Our package is comprehensive, this below list is an overview of some of the items it includes:
  • 4 hours support & maintenance
  • Proactive service
  • Design & development support
  • Email/ticket support system
  • Version control tracking
  • Troubleshooting
  • Magento security updates
  • 3rd party add-on updates
  • Unused hours are rolled over
  • And much more....

Support Plus

  • For Magento CE & EE
  • Our package is comprehensive, this below list is an overview of some of the items it includes:
  • Everything in the Base package
  • 8 hours per month
  • Critical issue phone support 24/07/365
  • Security patches to server
  • Website availability text message alerts
  • Website and server health monitoring
  • Website and server health alerts
  • Video/telephone training
  • Unused hours are rolled over
  • And much more....

Support Enterprise

  • For Magento CE & EE
  • Our package is comprehensive, this below list is an overview of some of the items it includes:
  • Everything in the Base & Plus packages, and:
  • 14 hours per month (total)
  • New feature development
  • Customised SLA
  • Unused hours are rolled over
  • And much more....
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