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We cover all aspects of Magento 2

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"We needed a new Magento website and isev stood out as the best based on their knowledge, experience and collaborative approach. When planning, designing and building the website, they listened to our needs and created a website that reflected us and grew our online sales."

– Emma MacDonald - Wood By Post

Magento 2 Benefits

Why use Magento 2

With over 50% of traffic on mobile, a responsive mobile friendly website means opening your store up to a larger target audience.

One of the biggest problems eCommerce websites face is that of cart abandonment, around 70% of shoppers abandon the checkout process. The simpler checkout process helps reduce cart abandonment and increase sales.

Magento 2 on average, boasts a 20% speed improvement compared to Magento 1, a quicker website leads to higher visitor retention and more sales

Simpler to create and build your range of stock on the website. Seamless integration - with many third party integrations supported, it’s now easier to integrate what you use at your business.

A more secure website, gives your website traffic peace of mind that any data they submit is secure.