Sound - The next big app

Sound - The next big app

Posted On: Dec 07, 2011 By

Waiting for the next killer mobile application? Everyone is, all of the time – we’re all waiting on the next big thing. And as we wait we frivolously download apps as if they’re going out of fashion. All hoping we’re ahead of the curve, but what form will the next app take? Possibly, very possibly the answer is right in front of us: Sound. And there’s enough evidence to prove this theory right; for example Apple’s Siri – the voice based app. This app is based on the human voice and verbal orders. The 'natural language user interface' is part of the iOS 5 and massive excitement has surrounded this new technology – almost outstripping the hype around the iPhone itself. Added to this is the HD voice. New technology compared with the mostly unchanged phone voice technology of the last 15 years, the HD voice uses so-called “wide-band technology”. This is said to give improved clearness and an improved audio experience in VoIP-based communications. Apple users are already using an app called “Sound App”, designed to manipulate sound files and produce playlists. And so ‘Soundcloud’ starts to impact social media. Creators of Soundcloud have said it’s ‘the world’s leading sound platform’ where it’s possible to not only create sounds but also share them around the world. Soundcloud allows people to share privately or publicly sounds they have either recorded or uploaded. From public blogs to social networks, Soundcloud can be accessed via the iPhone and Android apps wherever you are. This could well be the next killer app, as simple as audio combined with social media.
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