Optimise your Google Products Listings

Optimise your Google Products Listings

Posted On: Sep 22, 2010 By

Getting your products listed in the Google Products listings is a great way to source more traffic and sales for your products. But if you are in a highly competitive market you may find it hard to stand out against the rest. One area to consider is price optimisation and making sure that you find the right price to compete at whilst still making a healthy profit. Below are a few more tips to improving your placement on Google Products. There are three main areas to focus on:
  • Product Title – The main keywords and brand names that identify your product should be used here since these will be the terms that people will be searching for to find your product. Be careful not to use any one keyword more that once since this can result in penalties.
  • Product Description – You should use the main keywords and brand names of your product in an attractive description that will engage with your customers. Again, you should only use each keyword one time to avoid any penalisation.
  • Freshness & quality of data feed - If your products are considered to be new and are uploaded more often, Google will view them as a priority over those data feeds that have not been refreshed in awhile. Also, maximising the data feed for Google is important, however, not all shopping carts or submission services are correctly configured to do this.
For more advice on getting your products listed in Google, or if you are interested in creating a correctly configured and maximised e-commerce/shopping cart website, please contact the iev team today. Google Product listing optimisation should be part of your overall online marketing strategy to complement your website and bring in more sales.
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