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About Billings & Edmonds

Billings and Edmonds is a well-known company in the school uniform industry. They have a website is based on Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce), which provides high-quality uniforms to various educational institutions such as Eton College and Harrow school.

As a trusted supplier, they have built a strong reputation for their reliable products and excellent customer service.

Need for a new supplier

Billings and Edmonds faced some challenges when their previous supplier was no longer able to continue hosting, supporting and managing their website. When they came to isev, there was little handover. Knowing the importance of a smooth online presence, our Magento support and hosting experts were able to assess their needs to transfer and help with the website.

Upon taking over the website, we noticed a number of issues that needed resolving. Problems with their Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch enhances the search functionality on the site, it kept dropping out, causing issues for customers trying to navigate the site. We helped resolve this by getting them on our 3rd party tool to fix these dropouts and enable a smoother user experience.

Helping manage a unique set up

One of the interesting aspects of Billings and Edmonds' website, is that is uses a range of different modules that are used in unique ways. These plugins are crucial for the functionality and user experience of the site.

One of these uses is the members' area of the website. The set up of the members area allows customers and users to register and select the specific schools they need uniforms from. By doing so, they will only be shown tailored and relevant items, helping to enhance their shopping experience.

Another crucial aspect of our involvement is integrating the website with Billings and Edmonds' stock systems. As they operate both online and through their retail stores, it is vital to that their stock management system is synchronised with the website. We assist in maintaining the website, ensuring that stock levels are consistent across both platforms.

Providing exceptional hosting

In addition to taking over their website support, we took over the hosting for their Magento website. Our team now manages and maintains various components of the account to ensure a seamless user experience.

Our team of hosting experts plays a vital role in managing seasonal traffic. As a school-based website, Billings and Edmonds experiences peaks in traffic during certain times of the year, such as the beginning of the school year. Our experts plan ahead and make necessary adjustments to ensure the website can handle the increased traffic without any hiccups.

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