Will China struggle to control social media?

Will China struggle to control social media?

Posted On: Nov 10, 2011 By

It could transform China, its leaders are very aware of this – Microblogging. Microblogging could revolutionise media in China, giving its population the chance to express opinions and speak out. China's leaders have already tried to control social media, Twitter has been blocked but this has not stopped China's people. Home-grown microblogs have continued to pop up. Probably the most surprising group of people to take to microblogging are Buddist monks at the Longquan Temple. The temple is going through a revival, due mostly to the internet. The abbot has his very own microblog, Master Xue Chengis one of 200 million that use the popular Weibo microblogging portal. 'A person is happy not because he possesses a lot, but because he cares for just a few things,' was one recent posting from the monk. Master Xue Cheng revealed that he hopes his microblog proves “Buddists have the ability to embrace new thing.” The quick communication has also attracted Chinese activists, using this new weapon to attack the government. Activists can now use microblogs to reveal information about protests, and government persecution can now be broadcast online at incredible speed. Social media has given Chinese people an access to information, and the power to express opinions. This is a freedom the Chinese have not had much of in the last 60 years.
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