Why you should have an online marketing strategy?

Why you should have an online marketing strategy?

Posted On: Jul 24, 2011 By

Some industries more than other’s shy away from online marketing, mainly B2B and industrial organisations. It’s a strange reluctance given the fact that online marketing is driven by performance and brings new leads that can create impressive growth and sales. So why do many organisations continue to be reluctant when it comes to online marketing? Here we look at the reasons all organisations should embrace online marketing with open arms. So what are these organisations that put off online marketing missing out on? -Lost business for a start. Online searches have become the easiest, fastest and most popular way to search for organisations. Most potential customers will look to a search engine at the beginning of the buying process, and almost all will use the Internet at some point in the buying process. -Competitive advantage. All businesses search for competitive advantage but even tried and tested methods will not keep up with online marketing. Without online marketing it is near impossible to fend off competitors and target niche markets. The Internet creates a level playing field, where it does not matter what size your company is. With an organised and well thought-out online marketing strategy, organisations of the smallest size can compete with huge businesses. -Buyers ready to buy. Customers, via the use of the Internet, are now given the opportunity to compare and research products and services, therefore much of the ‘selling’ is done by the time they reach an organisation's website. Usually a customer will be ready to purchase once they have reached your website, saving time, energy and increasing profits. The message from industry insiders is clear; risks involved with online marketing are tiny, especially in comparison with the benefits, which are endless.
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