What is remarketing (retargeting)?

What is remarketing (retargeting)?

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remarketing Remarketing (or retargeting as it’s also called) is a way of keeping your brand, service or product in front of people that have previously visited your website. This is really effective when you consider what people do before buying from a website, instead of clicking buy or calling the first website they see, they’ll likely do the following:

General online sales process

  1. Research - Everyone likes to make sure they are getting the best deal suited for their requirements. This means they’ll do a bit of research to see who's offering what.
  2. Filtering - Once they have some options from their research, they’ll filter the list down to the ones they think they may buy.
  3. They’ll put that item in their shopping basket - along with anything else they may like to buy. If it’s a service based offer (instead of a product) they’ll get in contact email/phone.
  4. They make the purchase / call / fill in the form.
However, at any stage they can drop out of this process for any reason - doorbell rings, receive an email, start researching another product (or service) they’re interested in.

How remarketing works

remarketing process As people visit your website, your site can ‘tag’ visitors by storing a cookie on their computer. Tagging can be general to everyone that has visited your website or specific so only visitors that viewed a particular service or product are ‘tagged’. Then when that visitor leaves your website and continues browsing on the web, they could see your specific advert remarketed to them on other websites :) In your advertisement, you could then enable them to view special offers to entice them back to your website to finish the sales process.

Does it work?

This type of marketing can be really powerful at increasing both brand awareness and conversions, however, this is more effective when you have a large number of visitors viewing your website and a well thought out sales funnel. This means you need methods of driving traffic to your website (like Pay Per Click and email marketing campaigns) and utilising remarketing to boost conversions. With remarketing you’re focusing your advertising spend on people that are already familiar with your brand, service or product and who have already demonstrated an interest. Hence, most campaigns see a higher ROI than other marketing mediums. Would you like help to get remarketing working on your website? Contact us.
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