What is an SSL Certificate?

by: Joanne Smith

on: 26th January, 2016


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what is an SSl certificate

We’ve all been shopping on the internet and like to know that the site we are using and giving our personal information to is secure; but do you know what makes it secure? If you have a business of your own, with an eCommerce website then you will already have an SSL certificate installed on it. Most likely your website designer and developer, will have explained that having an SSL certificate is necessary, but do you know what it actually is? Are you shaking your head well don’t worry I didn’t know until recently and found out just how important it is! Read on.

What is an SSL Certificate?

In this instance SSL means Secure Socket Layer, its purpose is to provide a secure connection between an internet browser and a website in order to transmit sensitive data online. Perhaps you have noticed when you’ve been shopping online that the website you are visiting has a URL address that start https rather than http and has a padlock by the URL.


Why you need an SSL Certificate

Having this seemingly small addition, makes a lot of difference, having this Secure Socket Layer means that the website and the data transmitted from it, is encrypted to keep it secure, therefore, you can shop with confidence. It’s a bit like having a set of burly security men on the entrance and exit doors of your website.

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How to get an SSL Certificate

In order to set this up, you will need to purchase an SSL certificate and get this installed on your website. So, unless you feel confident in doing this yourself it is usually best to get someone with the professional ‘knowhow’ to do it  – probably the people who are hosting your website. (There is usually a small charge for the certificate and its installation). SSL certificates can be purchased from a number of places but if you decide to do this yourself please beware of buying from a free source, as not all free certificates are recognised by web browsers and the happy shopper just about to purchase from your website may suddenly be confronted by a frightening warning message, at which point most shoppers would back hastily from your site and buy elsewhere.


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Better to be safe than sorry and if you are unsure then why not speak to your website hosting people and they will be very happy to help you. At Isev, we encourage website security and safety and ensure all our customers are as secure as possible. Why not 
get in contact with us, we are a friendly bunch 🙂


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