Choosing the Best Website Type For Your Business

Posted On: 16 October 2019 By devadmin

We’ve previously written about the different types of websites you can get, particularly focusing on the differences between template and custom-built websites.

However, there is another possibility when looking for a website – proprietary websites. Proprietary website are also part of the web ecosystem and a valid/best option for some businesses wanting to get themselves online.

We’re going to broadly look at the three types of websites:

  • Proprietary websites
  • Templated websites
  • Custom websites


When looking at these three types of website, it’s best to think of them in terms of choosing living accomodations (bear with us).

When moving to a new town/city, one of the most important things is where you’re going to live. Now, there are a few options to choose from:

  • Rent a flat/apartment.
  • Buy a house.
  • Have a house built.


(We know these aren’t the only options, but speaking broadly).

Depending on your situation (family, financial, employment etc.), will be part of the decisions of the most suitable place for you to live.

The main areas we’ll be looking at are how it’s paid for/billed, what can be done in terms of design and functionality and maintenance (CMS security updates, hosting and SSL).

So we’ll look at what each one offers you and tie it back to how it compares to getting the equivalent website and you can get a clearer idea of what the difference between them is, and what might be the best choice for you.

Rent a flat or apartment (Proprietary website)


The design

When renting a flat, the one you move into will all look very much the same as the others around, they’ll be a set size, with the same rooms (bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom). You can’ really be changed around (the kitchen can only be where it is), but you can change things around to make it feel more personal and your own living space.
If there is additional functionality you need that isn’t part of in the proprietary website system, you can’t have it as part of your website.

What you can change

Once you’ve moved into the flat, you are free to make any changes, such as move the furniture around. You will however, have some restrictions over what can be done, based on what’s permitted in your contract. You won’t for example, be able to replace all the kitchen.
You are free to make any changes to the proprietary website, but it can only be done using the tools that are available in the web builder and within the web package you’ve chosen, for instance your website package might limit the number of pages you can have create.

What maintenance is needed

If you have any maintenance issues that arise, such as leaks or repairs, these are taken care of by the landlord.
Your website hosting, SSL certificate and security updates normally come with the website and automatically applied.

Who owns the website

For a flat, you normally pay a deposit upfront and then pay on a monthly basis to continue living there. If you were to change where you lived, you would no longer pay your monthly rent to live there.
You pay for a proprietary website on a monthly basis for as long as you want the website. If you were to upgrade to a templated or custom website, you’d stop paying for the proprietary website, and it will be turned off.

A proprietary website is normally something you get when you don’t have a website, and don’t have the budget/investment to be able to invest in buying a website. It;s a starting point to get your business online so that people can find and learn more about you.

Buy an existing house (Templated website)


The design

You will likely see on your street, that there are other houses (especially if it’s a terraced house), that are the same or at least similar to your house.
Because your website is based off of a template, it is not unique. You may find other businesses use the same template as you, even competitors if you use a popular one or have an industry specific template.

What you can change

When buying an existing house, the size, layout, number of rooms, their shape and so on are all set and can’t be changed, however, because you own the house, you are free to make any changes as you see fit, in terms of redecorating, changing out the keitchen etc. you can do whatever you want within the space you have.
The websites design is defined by the template you used Any additional functionality or change can depend on what’s compatible with the template, some things may be possible, while others could cause the template design to break.

What maintenance is needed

Once you’ve bought and moved in, any maintenance and upkeep such as getting windows cleaned, guttering cleared etc. is your responsibility, and you will either need to do this yourself or hire a professional.
You will have to ensure your website has SSL, hosting and hosting for your templated website. Any CMS security updates are applied to your website, either by yourself or have a web maintenance company take care of them.

Who owns the website

When you buy a house, you pay to own outright. How you pay can be negotiated, you may take out a loan to buy the house and then pay that back in installments, or if you can afford, pay for it all in one go.
When you have a website built off of a templated design, once the work has been complete, you will own that website and you’ll be able to make changes and do what you want with it.

When you have a budget to buy a website, but can’t really afford the cost/need for a fully custom build. But want something you own and can have more control over.

Have a new house built (Custom website)


The design

A custom built house can be built as big or small as you want, with as many rooms as you want. Whatever you are looking for can be built, the only limitation is how much you’re willing to spend and the timescale you want it built in.
The design and make up of the website is fully customisable to your needs, whatever you want can be done, the only limitation is your budget and when you need to project completed by.

What you can change

If you want some extra or bespoke work, like a pool installed or a garage added on, this can be done, either as part of the initial build or even later at an extra cost.
If there is custom functionality you need for the website, this can be accomodated, either as part of the initial website scope or added later.

What maintenance is needed

Once you’ve moved in, any issues that arise, such as needing the locks changed, water leaks etc. will need to be fixed by you, or a professional.
Once the website is built, the SSL certificate and hosting aren’t necessarily included, you will have to make arrangements for these.

Over time you may find that there is some upkeep work to do to house keep the house clean and looking good, such as cleaning the roof and guttering, this will need to be taken care of by you, or a professional.
To keep your website CMS secure, it will need to be updated with the latest security patches. These will need to be applied by you or a professional.

Who owns the website

A custom built house is paid for outright, so you’ll pay for the design and construction fo the house, once it’s finished being built, you will own it.
Once it’s completed, you will own your new custom built website and be able to do what you want with it.

When you want the best of the best. Something that’s directly tailored to your business and customers, where you have full control of what it’s built on, how it looks and what it does.


This should hopefully give you a better idea of what types of website types there are (broadly speaking).

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