Unreliability social media worries journalists

Unreliability social media worries journalists

Posted On: Aug 01, 2011 By

Although a massive 97% of journalists use social media, many of those are becoming increasingly worried about the truthfulness and dependability of information gained through social media. A study has revealed that 50% of journalists believe that social media encourages ‘softer, more opinion-oriented news’. Dr Agnes Gulyas, principal lecturer at the department of media at Canterbury Christ Church University, said: “The survey suggests that social media is having dramatic impacts on the industry where journalists now have access to a range of sources to help them research, verify, monitor and most of all publish their work. “What is interesting is that social media is being used to supplement existing contacts and PR professionals but is not supplanting them. It's likely that whilst concerns over accuracy and reliability remain, social media will be part of the journalists’ tool kit rather than their only tool.” Results also found that 90% of journalists use social media more now than three years ago, with 89% stating that they used social media sites for distributing their copy. The survey revealed that radio and online journalists have embraced social media with open arms, 61% of them regularly blogging. Print journalists are more sceptical and not as active (51%). Traditional forms of communications were still favoured by many journalists and PR’s, including email, fax, face-to-face contact and press releases. The results also showed that journalists do not like being pitched to via social media.
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