UK is eBay

UK is eBay

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The United Kingdom is now eBay’s fastest growing market, according to the organisation’s worldwide head. Devin Wenig, eBay’s President of Global Marketplaces, said that the amount of Brits using eBay had seen “double-digit growth year-on-year”. IMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group) puts global ecommerce growth at 15 per cent. The increase in growth has occurred at the same time as the economy continues to struggle. However Mr Weign believes that it’s technology that is encouraging people to use the online market place rather than consumers motivated by bargain hunting. The ecommerce website giant was the most visited UK retail site in the first week of February, and has around 17million users each month and a total of 40million listings. However Mr Weign said it was the increase in mobile use that was now “exponential” that was driving growth, making up to 1- per cent of all traffic to the site. eBay now claims that a purchase is made every second via a mobile phone. In recent months eBay has been seen to change its focus from its traditional selling of second hand goods to brand new items. The site is now planning to “partner” with mainstream retailers, according to Mr Wenig. The method contrasts with Amazon’s more traditional approach, and eBay has seen major growth already from retailers auctioning off out of season stock. The site has been seen to focus its efforts on fashion, electrical and home and garden goods – with many retailers now using the site to sell their entire range of products. Around 180,000 companies now trade on eBay, and increase of 60,000 in 2009.
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