Top tips for business copywriters

Top tips for business copywriters

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As a business you may not have the manpower or budget to assign someone to focus on copywriting, and many small businesses do not know the best practices for copywriting for PR and marketing. But fear not, here is a list of top tips for small business owners when writing copy: The headline – Copywriting must start with a headline. It’s a point of focus for your target audience, and essential to create interest. The content – what do you want to say? What’s most important? Usually information about a product, service or special offer, make sure this is included in the copy. It may sound obvious but many businesses get wrapped up in creating witty, creative copy and forget to focus on their key message. The message – customers should be left with a message that they can take away from the copy. This should be given unique angle, customers do not appreciate unoriginal content. Style – Avoid forced humour, copy should flow naturally. However it is also essential to make you copy inspiring and of interest – if it lacks facts and unique information readers will ignore it. Bad copy can drive customers away, but great copy can drive sales and increases customers.
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