The young are bored with social media already

The young are bored with social media already

Posted On: Nov 10, 2011 By

One in four young people has admitted to being 'bored' with social media sites, according to research.

Around 24 per cent of 18 to 29 year-olds said they now use Facebook and Twitter less than when they first joined the social networking sites. Whilst 31 per cent stated social media was no longer as 'fun' as when it began. However the research also found 37 per cent claimed to use social media sites now more than ever before. Researchers say these results could indicate that the early adopters are getting bored, a situation that social media providers should take note of. Social media providers are going to have to be more innovative if they plan to keep consumer attention. Respondents were aged between 13 to 74, in both developed and developing countries. The research aimed to examine social media trends and usage. 33 per cent gave the worries over privacy as a key factor in their deteriorating use of social media sites. More mature social media markets, including UK, Japan, and America, saw around 40 per cent stating increased usage, 40 per cent using social media less and 20 per cent had not changed their usage. South Korea and Italy saw the most enthusiasm towards social networking, where close to 50 per cent said they used social media sites more.
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