The world of the SEO is changing

The world of the SEO is changing

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Whether you are an SEO yourself or a marketing manager tasked with looking at your online marketing strategy you need to learn to constantly adapt and change your SEO strategy.

A recent as the end of last month has seen a massive change in the algorithms used by Google to rank the quality of a site. This has caused massive headaches in America and is set to do the same when it is finally launched in the UK. Because of these changes SEO’s and online marketing managers need to re-evaluate their strategy for link building.

Quality is Key

As always at iSEV we try to focus our clients and our own activity on providing quality content for their customers. Google, Bing & Yahoo all love quality fresh content but they also love quality links. With the recent algorithm shift SEO’s are going to have to think twice about who they link to, where they place articles on the web and so forth. Would you for example want to gain a link or place an article that links to you on a site that has just lost page ranking because Google deems it as a low quality site? Probably not.

Link Baiting May be the Answer

We know that lots of SEO professionals out there will give a big sigh when they read that last heading but the fact of the matter is it is true. Yes arguably the hardest element of linking building to achieve it is also possibly the most important with the highest quality scoring from Google. Link baiting is the art of getting other websites, blogs and so forth to link to you, without you asking them to, without you paying them and more often than not without your knowledge (unless you use the technology we do to monitor this). With link baiting you write and promote content from your website that is so engaging that it makes other website owners want to link to you. Is a crucial element of your SEO strategy and we will be happy to discuss how we can help in this process.

Quality Link Directories

In this situation we would suggest that less is indeed more. Taking more time to get high quality links back from human edited link directories should also be an important part of your strategy. It is far too easy to get quick links but focusing on niche web directories and human edited directories will improve the quality and therefore the quality score of you’re linking. For a quality online marketing strategy contact us.
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