The Sun on Sunday is launched

by: isev

on: 28th February, 2011


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Yesterday saw the launch of the Sun on Sunday, Rupert
Murdoch’s new Sunday paper – released following the demise of the News of the
World still the focus of a major PR scandal.

An impressive media campaign launched the first edition of
the more ‘family-friendly’ Sunday paper.


Murdoch was yesterday seen reviewing the first edition, and
posing with the paper fresh off the presses.

News International had been planning to move to a seven-day
structure for some time according to insiders.

The new Sun on Sunday paper will be produced by Sun staff,
under Editor Dominic Mohan.

This will be no mean achievement as the paper has been
struggling since a number of senior journalists were arrested and suspended
recently on suspicion of paying police.

Replacing the heavily criticised ‘News of the World’, the
Sun will be hoping to rebuild its corporate
that has been undermined recently by arrests and the eventual court

The ‘News of the World’ eventually closed down after its
content was questioned, and the recent phone-hacking scandal ensued, around ten
reporters and employees were arrested on suspicion of intercepting voicemail

After 168 years in print the paper closed in July last year,
a major hit to the Murdoch Empire, and a warning to newspapers all over the

The Sun on Sunday didn’t avoid the topic of the arrests,
defending employees as ‘innocent until proven guilty’.

The paper did enforce a promise for its readers:

Our journalists must abide by the Press Complaints
Commission’s Editors’ Code, the industry standard for ethical behaviour, and
the News Corporation Standards of Business Conduct. We will hold our journalists
to the standards we expect of them. […] You will be able to trust our
journalists to abide by the values of decency as they gather news.

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