The importance of navigation in web design

by: isev

on: 26th October, 2011


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As one of the most useful features on a website, navigation is highly important but can often be over-looked.

This feature allows website visitors to find their way around the site, taking a tour of products and services, as well as any information provided. If a website is difficult to navigate around, chances are the potential customer will find another one that is easier.

It is essential for web designers to give sufficient consideration when it comes to navigational features, insuring they are modern yet simple to use.

When it comes to web design, navigation is a considerably important element. This is where they will guide themselves through your goods and services. If this proves difficult, they are given too much non-relevant information or simply can’t find the page they want, they will not stay on the site for long. With millions of websites online, consumers are not prepared to wait and waste time searching; consumers expect information at their fingertips.

The design of navigation should be simple and obvious. The tried and tested navigational solutions are best to stick with, however it is essential to also tie-in current and on-trend web design features so that the design is interesting.

Easy navigation via a website to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is also an essential part of a website design . This will give consumers a place to find information about your organisation if they wish and give a reputation boost.

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