The confusing world of SEO

The confusing world of SEO

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One of the most questioned parts of SEO is - what works best, natural search engine optimisation or pay per click? This is not a simple question to answer, they both work very well incorporated together into a structured campaign but at the same time are utterly different. By identifying the two you will see what suits your needs and your campaign. Natural SEO is the process of getting a website ranking high within the search engines using methods such as: • Link building • Social bookmarking • Article submissions • Press release submissions • On page optimisation • Keyword Research • Blog content • Sitemaps The only issue with natural optimisation is that if the website is brand-new or has never had SEO applied before it will take time. Depending on how competitive the market place is the time scale differs. Natural SEO within search engines achieve the highest amount of clicks from a search engine result as opposed to pay per click so it is very important to make sure that you are as high as possible, the clicks are also free. The better the content the more effective the natural SEO campaign. This can be achieved through articles, press releases and blogs integrated into the website itself. Make your website individual, and interesting and relevant to your audience. Pay Per Click SEO Offered by search engines, pay per click involves paying to advertise your website for chosen keywords. These adverts then appear as sponsored results in search engine listings. Gaining traffic is therefore instantaneous, which will no doubt lead to extra customers and a broadened audience. The only negative is that if you decrease your budget you will in turn see a direct loss in traffic to your website. Now that you have a greater understanding of the world of SEO, you can start to build an effective campaign, improve your website and dramatically increase traffic.
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