The Benefits of a Company Blog

The Benefits of a Company Blog

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Blog Blogs have become very popular over the last few years and can be a great advantage to any business for a number of reasons; 1. Optimisation: Blogs are good at getting highly ranked in search engines, because they offer fresh information on a regular basis. Keywords, links, tags, and categories can all be optimised within a blog post. 2. Being considered a valuable resource: It is essential that your blog is seen as a trusted resource, otherwise no one will read it. Blogs can be informative, entertaining, funny, reliable or all of the above. If people see your blog as a great resource they will keep coming back for more, increasing your traffic, and also increasing the amount of people that will trust your services and products. 3. Humanising your organisation: Blogs should be seen as an opportunity to show your organisation is human, and has a personality. Not every post should be purely business, try and engage with your readers, give them something to relate to. Maybe interviews with staff, giving your organisation a face. Blogs are also a great place to talk about what you're up to as a team, upload photos of a company party etc. It should be more relaxed than your corporate website, but still show off your service and products. 4. Self expression: Personal blogs often show the authors love's, hates and generally what’s going on in their lives. Your company blog should do the same; if you have opinions relevant to some part of what you do or the industry you work within, why not speak up. Sometimes controversy can really stir up a debate and get people talking about you and your blog – all the time engaging more potential consumers. 5. Meet the majors: An interview for a blog post might be the perfect excuse to get in touch with industry leaders. You'll have the chance to pick their brains, share what you learned and expand your network. 6. Review and share: Building your reputation as a valuable resource involves researching into what your targeted readers are interested in. Review products and services and pass this knowledge onto your readers. Make sure you don't fall into the trap of creating a great blog and then not updating it with content, or end up just promoting your products. Before you start your blog create an archive of articles, ready to update your blog when you need to. Ideally you want a new article uploaded everyday until blog becomes more established and you have a good following. If written well, your blog can actually become a great resource. They are the perfect way to generate trust amongst readers and maybe even sell more products and services.
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