Telephone Skills: What to do when your website generates leads

Telephone Skills: What to do when your website generates leads

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telephone-skills Yes the internet is amazing and lots of communication is done online, however a lot of high quality website leads still generate phone calls (if you aren’t getting any you may need some help). So it doesn’t hurt to remember that the telephone is still extremely useful to your business.

Things to think about

How would you rate yourself and your colleagues on their telephone skills? What impression are you giving to your potential customers and existing customers when you answer calls or make calls? What about this scenario – you might want to book a meal for a special occasion and have phoned a brand new restaurant which has been promoting their fantastic food. If the person who answers sounded disinterested, fed up, says they can’t find a space for you and doesn’t offer to check future dates, then in the background you hear something dropped followed by muttering are you likely to want bother or will you just hang up and try somewhere else.

First Impressions count

That restaurant has just lost a customer and what’s more you probably won’t bother phoning again. First impressions count and even though your website may have given them a great first impression, the callers judgement of the company will be based on the employee’s response to you and this ultimately reflects on the company they work for. It is so important that you and all your staff recognise this.

What you can do

Some very basic rules are:
  • Always smile when you answer the phone, this transfers itself to your voice and to the caller
  • Sit up during the call, don’t slouch
  • Stop what you were doing before picking up the call
  • Don’t rustle papers or fiddle with things on your desk
  • Give the caller your full attention
  • Make sure you take their name and their company name and contact number or email address
  • If a new customer, ask where they heard of you (you should track if your website design is generating leads)
  • Listen and make notes if necessary
  • Ask questions if appropriate
  • As the conversation is drawing to a close make a quick summary of what has been discussed and ask the caller to confirm or clarify.
The more you practice these techniques the better your telephone skills will become and callers will find it a pleasure to talk to you. A good telephone response will help increase the conversion of leads from your website. After all happy customers keep your business alive and growing, so take time to make sure you and your colleagues are practising and improving this very essential business skill. If you’d like help to track and generate phone leads from your website and online advertising - just give us a call! :)
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