Social media used by burglars to target homes

Social media used by burglars to target homes

Posted On: Oct 02, 2011 By

Burglars questioned have revealed that three quarters are using social media to target victims and plans crimes.

A survey suggests that Google street view are playing a major part when criminals plan crimes. Twitter and Facebook were also named – Facebook allows users to ‘check-in’ to locations helping burglars to plan criminal activity. Burglars can now analyse social media activity, status updates and tweets showing location or if users are on holiday – effectively telling criminals when houses will be empty. Former burglar Richard Taylor said: 'We're living in the age of the digital criminal and people are taking advantage of social media to access information about would-be victims. 'We'll tell them even when we're going away on holidays. We will let them know that we're not in. We're inviting them... round to our house.' The research was carried out as part of Friedland Security's UK Home Security Report. One fifth of convicted burglars admitted they monitor homeowners activity and daily routines before targeting a property. The average burglary takes just ten minutes and a house without observable security could be broken into in a matter of minutes. Guard dogs and noisy neighbours were found to be of little deterrent, whereas a security alarm would discourage 60% of burglars. This shocking research has proven that many social media users are too eager to give away personal information. Going on holiday and breaks leaving a property empty should not be posted on social media sites. Social media users are urged to be more cautious when posting details of daily routines and travel arrangements on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
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