Should a podcast be included in your marketing plan

Should a podcast be included in your marketing plan

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Should a podcast be included in your marketing plan? A podcast can be a great way to give your brand a voice. Podcast marketing is defined as an audio file that can be shared from your website or social network. A podcast can be a recording of anything you like, from a recording about your brand or business ethics to an information based podcast resembling a commercial. Podcasts essentially are there to give out information to your customers, with the aim of giving a more personal touch to your business and building your customer relationships. By giving them a personal voice to listen to, you are giving them someone to associate with. Podcasting is also a relatively inexpensive form of marketing. All you need to create a podcast is a microphone, editing software and a computer. Currently most computers already have an audio recording device built in to them – if not headsets are fairly cheap to purchase. Before going ahead and creating your podcast, it is essential that you pick specific subject matter and practice your speaking voice - ensuring your voice is clear so that everyone will be able to understand. The platform for your podcast is as important as the podcast itself. If your target market cannot find your podcast – no one will hear it! Often iTunes is used for hosting podcasts. Although iTunes is the one that is most often used there are other sites that can host your podcast such as and Broadcasting your podcast through social media, for example on Twitter and Facebook, can be a great way to reach a broader audience. After your podcast has been created and uploaded to social media sites, it is also essential to provide links on your website and if you have a blog. Your podcast will then not only help to build relationships with your clients but also draw in potential clients. Creating a following of listeners can ensure that your organisation's voice is out there getting the attention of you target audience. The more often you upload a new podcast the more visitors you are likely to get. It is important to create a regular flow of information to your targeted audience to keep them interested and keep your business in their minds. Podcasting, if used within a marketing campaign, can be a highly effective way of getting your organisation talked about, building your reputation and therefore increasing your customers. The key strategy behind any podcast is to make it interesting – if it’s pure sales many people will simply turn it off – find a way to get your target audience interested in what you're talking about. It is also essential to have more than one podcast prepared, have your information out there for all of your current customers and future customers so they can hear your voice.
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