Protecting the Potato iSEV Celebrates 5th year of Blight Tool

by: isev

on: 2nd August, 2010


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isev is celebrating success after completing a technically challenging project to help protect UK growers and farmers from devastating potato blight.

We work with the Potato Council to maintain an innovative intelligent monitoring system which allows scientists and experts to monitor any incidents of the disease and to track developments.

‘It’s a hugely prestigious project’ explained Creative Director of iSEV, Leon Blair ‘and we’re proud of our role in helping to defend against such a major problem. Blight is one of the worst possible issues for potato growers and devastate crops. As web specialists, we’re used to working with chips of a different kind so working on such a fulfilling project is a real pleasure.’

The iSEV team was first involved in the set up and launch of the blight incident reporting service over four years ago, and since then has worked with their client to increase functionality and usability.

‘Information of suspected cases is reported by scouts via SMS, and the site allows the Potato Council and farmers to track exactly where suspected and actual blight disease outbreaks are happening. It’s a great system and we’re delighted to be entering our fifth year on the project, and to have introduced such cutting-edge additions’ he concluded.

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