New Legislation on 084 & 087 Phone Numbers

New Legislation on 084 & 087 Phone Numbers

Posted On: May 25, 2014 By Mitch


From June 2014 all UK businesses are now restricted from using 087 and 084 numbers for post-sale customer service lines.

You are still able to use both 084 and 0870 numbers for the following:
  • Sales line
  • Advice lines
  • Customer service line pre-sales
  • Accounts

My post-sales customer service line is an 084 / 087 number, What should I do?

It really depends on your reasons for having an 084 & 087 number, if you wish to remain non-location specific you can look to use an 03 number which is an effective alternative, being non geographic. Alternatively, you could use local geographic tracking numbers which will allow you to keep a separate number from your marketing (or other contact numbers) and with a local geographic tracking number you’ll also be able to monitor call activity.

The Details:

"Paragraph 41 of the Regulations prohibits customer helplines charging consumers at any more than basic rate. This precludes the use of numbers on the 09, 087 and 084 ranges to operate a telephone line for consumer contact about a product already purchased, whether charged via PRS or not, or to cancel a contract."

I’d like a new tracking number?

We’re happy to help with 03 tracking numbers and local geographic tracking numbers, contact us today!
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