New .kiwi domain name for New Zealand users

New .kiwi domain name for New Zealand users

Posted On: Jan 19, 2012 By

The company Dot Kiwi Limited has entered the application process to introduce .kiwi domain names. The days of '' could soon change if the application is approved. Tim Johnson, the CEO of Dot Kiwi is hoping that the .kiwi domain will connect with New Zealanders both locally and globally. He added: “I was keen to provide a way for New Zealanders around the world to connect and claim their ‘Kiwiness’ online. “I could also see a great opportunity to provide on-going financial support for the re-building of Christchurch – one of New Zealand's most beautiful cities and my hometown”. New Zealanders who register a .kiwi internet domain name will see a percentage of their fee donated to help rebuild Christchurch which was severely damaged when an earthquake hit in September 2010. The registered company was created by a group of expat New Zealanders based in Vancouver, with several members on its board of directors. The new domain will introduce a new option on the market, for customers wanting to be associated with New Zealand either via the internet or their email addresses. The domain will give organisations and individuals’ greater choice, brand creativity and the opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors, allowing them to claim their online identity. Tim adds: “We believe .kiwi provides a sustainable solution to the need for on-going fundraising for the Christchurch rebuild. It also provides a solution to the notable lack of choices for names in the somewhat isolated New Zealand domain name market”. This move comes after new domain names were put up for grabs last Thursday in the biggest change in the history of the internet. If the .kiwi domain is approved, it will be available for purchase early next year.
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