New Google Adwords Campaign Type Coming 16th September!

New Google Adwords Campaign Type Coming 16th September!

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Starting on the 16th September 2014, all “Search and Display Networks” campaigns will be automatically upgraded to the new “Search Network with Display Select”.

Please note, this will not affect campaign types “Search Network Only” and “Display Network Only” campaigns. You can upgrade to this new campaign type before the 16th September which we highly recommended to ensure your new upgraded campaigns continue to meet your business requirements.

Benefit? Better Performance.

Typically, advertisers who have upgraded, have experienced a 35% higher CTR and 35% lower cost per purchase.

Easier to manage.

The new campaign type works similarly to a regular search campaign making it easier to run and manage.

Ability to customise based on how you wish your campaigns to perform.

This new campaign type typically increases the relevance of prospects seeing your ad’s which means you may get fewer clicks and impressions but they’re more likely to be from people who are ready to make a purchase with your business. However, you can easily create a new “Display Network Only” campaign if you need to sustain a high level of clicks on your website.

What is it?

“Search Network with Display Select” is a new campaign type that helps you reach additional customers as they search and visit sites across the web. This means your ads can appear when potential customers search for terms on Google search and search partner sites that match your keywords, or on relevant pages across the web through the Google Display Network, which has an incredible reach of 90% of internet users worldwide! Compared to other campaign types, this new type uses new methods to determine when and where your ads are likely to perform best on the display network, setting a higher bar for when to show them. This means you will reach a smaller number of potential customers however they will be much more interested and more likely to purchase with you. Current tests show that on average, you could see a 35% higher display ad click-through rate and a 35% lower cost-per-customer! Need help with Google Adwords? We’re an official Google Partner which means we not only have the knowledge and expertise to create successful campaigns but we do so providing an outstanding level of customer service. Improve your Google Adwords Campaigns and contact us today!
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