Magento 2 Guide: Product Tiered Pricing

by: Tim Richardson

on: 21st May, 2019


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Tiered pricing on an eCommerce store, it offers an extra incentive to increase order value, while providing customers saving for purchasing multiple products. It’s a win-win.


In Magento 2, there is a simple way to set this up on a per product basis.

Quick Overview

  1. Log into your Magento admin area.
  2. Go to Catalog > Products.
  3. Filter and find the product, then go to edit it.
  4. Under Price, there is an option for Advanced Pricing.
  5. In the table, add the number of tiers you want.
  6. Apply the price, quantity required, discount amount.
  7. When finished, hit done, then save the product.


Full Overview

Log into your Magento admin area, once logged in, head to Catalog > Products. In here, filter and find the product you want to add tiered pricing to and go to edit that product.

Once you’re in the edit view of your product, scroll down to Price, just under the Price of the product, there is an option for Advanced Pricing. Clicking this will pull up a new area to edit the advanced pricing.


Here is where you can set the pricing tiers for your product. I the table area, click Add, this will create a new row to define a tier for pricing.


In here you can set:

  • Which website it applies to.
  • The customer group who can see it.
  • The quantity the customer needs to order to qualify for the discount.
  • A dropdown to choose either Fixed (a new set price) or Discount (a percentage based discount).
  • The amount of the discount.

You do not need to set the price for one, this is defined by the default/base price. Once you’ve set up all the rows you want, hit Done, then save the product to finish. This will then show on the product page, the tiers that have been set (this does depend on how your Magento website is set up).

A couple of side notes, regarding the tiered pricing: Advanced product pricing is not the same as offering a discount via catalog/cart price rules. This means it is  is a separate entity to, so any catalog/cart price rules will run alongside your tiered pricing, for example:

If you have a 20% site wide discount, and a product with buy 3 get 10% off tiered pricing, the discount and the tiered pricing will stack and both will be applied to that product.

If you do not products with advanced pricing to be affected by catalog/cart price rules, you will need to exclude the products from the catalog/cart price rule.

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