How to get re-tweeted

How to get re-tweeted

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When and how often should I tweet? Research has shown that its best not to tweet more than once per hour. The best day of the week to tweet is Friday, the most re-tweets occur on Fridays at approximately 4pm (eastern time)– probably about the same time everyone wants to leave work and the weekend to begin. Length? Short and sweet should be your motto – ideally 127 characters or under, though this is not a lot of words, readers prefer to re-tweet quality content. Use longer words and write a high standard of English and use original content as much as you can. It's important to remember not to simplify your tweets and the language you use just because it’s a short sentence. The more uniqueness a Tweet has the better. Punctuation to avoid: Don’t use semicolons – for an unknown reason these really lower your chance of being re-tweeted. What to write? Links massively increase your chance of being re-tweeted and the most preferred way of shortening links is using Don’t just tweet your own ‘diary entries’ nobody will re-tweet what you had for breakfast. People are more likely to ReTweet if you have a call to action, explain how to do something, or have a headline-style Tweet with a lot of proper nouns. And if all else fails, Tweet about Twitter.
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