How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

by: isev

on: 6th April, 2011


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many organisations, Twitter has rapidly become an crucial part of their
business plan. The goal of Twitter isn’t necessarily to spend all of
your time trying to get followers. Undoubtedly, that’s important, but
the value-and consistency-of your tweets will have a long-term impact on
how much traffic will be driven to your site.

If you’re building your company or you’re launching a start-up,
you’ll need to target potential consumers who may have never heard of
you in order to draw attention to your brand. ‘The biggest unused
Twitter resource for small business owners is the
function,’ says Alexis Wolfer, founder and editor-in-chief of ‘You can search for what people are talking about in
real time, which is very powerful. I can search for ‘drugstore mascara’
and see the people doing anything using those words. So if someone is at
a drugstore wondering what mascara to buy, I can say, ‘Hey, did you see
this article we wrote on the best drugstore mascaras?”

Getting retweeted is the goal of any good social media manager. Try
to find something new, interesting, or funny to say. It doesn’t have to
be about your product or service in particular, but it should be well
thought out and cautiously designed. A tweet with typos or factual
errors will make people think twice about clicking to your site.

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website: Facebook

If your company doesn’t have a Facebook page, it’s about time it did.
With about 500 million users, there’s really no better platform to
drive traffic to your site. Consider that even if you get just a tiny
percentage of Facebook users to look at your page, you have a good
chance in driving a fair amount of traffic.

In addition to the page details that list your company’s address and
website address, you need to utilise the Like and Feed tools to get as
much traffic to your site as possible.

To get people to interact with your Facebook page, you need to create
a virtual dialogue that involves as many people as possible. Questions
are a great source of interactivity.

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website: Blogging

No matter what service or product you offer, a blog will help drive
traffic to your site. Blogs are particularly beneficial to get traffic
from returning customers because you should have new content to offer,
even if your product or service hasn’t changed at all.

Here are a few ways that blogging helps drive traffic to your site:

Intimacy – Blogging can make your relationship with your customers
far more intimate, and will help increase the amount of loyalty from

Building Community – When you blog, you identify your areas of
expertise, but you also attract the relevant customers to your company
or brand.

Customer Research – Readers will without doubt leave feedback in the
form of comments and e-mails. It’s a great way to understand who is
reading your blog and what they’re interested in.

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