How Not to Promote Your Website

How Not to Promote Your Website

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So here to make it easier is a simply list of pitfalls to avoid. If you avoid doing the five things below, your chances of success will greatly increase. • Submission services: Simply these are a waste of time and money. There may be hundreds of thousands of search engines out there, but spending your money on an automatic submission service to all of these is a waste of effort. Research the top thirty by traffic, and submit manually to these. The rest you’re not submitting to will make little difference to the organic traffic generated to your site. If you still wish to submit to more, is a great website to make sure you heading in the right direction. • Don't send unsolicited email: Spam is bad – simple. Sending information out to what might feel like a large audience is pointless when un-targeted, the information is likely to be irrelevant to most and will just annoy them. Focus on your niche target audience that will appreciate information from your website. Don't confuse spam with email marketing or ezines etc. Ezines are a very powerful tool where you provide useful information to people in a particular niche. The big difference of course is that ezines are opt-in. • Don't list with all directories: As previously mentioned there might be thousands of search engines, but only a few are worth submitting to – the same goes for directories. Find the ones that are relevant to your website and manually submit to these. People who are after information in your niche will be searching on these directories. • Don't create backlinks with software: Software can create thousands of backlinks for your site very quickly – the downside is you could end up banned from Google! Follow the simple rule of quality and relevant content and use mechanisms such as article marketing to promote your site with backlinks. Remember it is not the number of backlinks; it is the quality of the links, and the diversity of the links that count. • Don't forget about social media: Social networking can be a great way to actively promote your site. If you write well written key word specific articles you stand to generate a heap of traffic. The promotion of your website is quite easy if you stick to the basics and avoid new and popular products that offer unrealistic claims about web promotion. And always remember to target the right people with quality information that relevant to them.
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