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The Guardian newspaper has many critics of it's free online content strategy, however even if it's business model is not what’s expected, it's online marketing seems to be sticking with being a “digital first” brand. GNM (Guardian News and Media) have given details of a £2 million brand campaign - communications directly with consumers are said to be a top priority. This new strategy will change from a focus on promotions to centre around creating direct relationships with consumers. Marketing will now also concentrate on data capturing activates. By compiling consumers data, GNM will be able to understand how content is accessed by it's readers, users of it’s dating service and job site. GNM has also specified that one of its main commercial aims is to double the amount of database subscribers - subscribing to it's iPad and iPhone app, and print editions. Newsagent sales are in decline and show no sign of picking up, GNM has clearly decided that subscribers are far more likely to give personal data as well as remaining loyal if they are long-term subscribers. Data management is essential for marketing - over half of consumers say they still get unsuitable communications through post and email direct marketing. GNM’s focus on data is therefore a step in the right direction - especially when three Guardian print supplements have just folded - but they are taking steps in the right direction concentrating on digital media. Therefore GNM could be showing the rest of the media companies how it’s done in the very near future.
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