Graphic design is important for all organisations

by: isev

on: 15th April, 2011


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Graphic design is important for all organisations

In a market saturated with dozens of competitors all selling the same or similar products and services – the best way to stand out is through strong branding and image.

The best way to gain and retain customers is to make the buying process as easy as possible, for online businesses this is where your graphic designer comes in. They are not a choice but essential for a successful organisation.

The graphic designer can create designs that help the customers accomplish tasks. This could range from finding information to recognising the brand. Web pages, logo’s and print ad’s with poor graphic design simply do not help the viewer get things done, sometimes they even hinder the customer in the buying process and could lead to a decrease in sales.

Typography, layout, and colour choice are more than just graphic design elements. They’re the apparatus that a graphic designer uses to promote an organisations’s image. They can shrink elements that aren’t essential and shouldn’t be distracting, and highlight the things that are significant, allowing consumers to promptly see what they need to know to decide on a purchase.

Many business owners and graphic designers don’t think about how critical graphic design is for a business. They fail to remember that the job of design is to make the process easier, and focus on looks to the elimination of usefulness. If you’ve ever used a website that wasn’t simple and instinctive in its navigation, or you’ve seen a print ad that gave you a headache, this is probably what happened. Appearance must never win out over function, but you have to understand function in order to get a great result.

Good graphic design also gives an organisation integrity – something that many small businesses need. However, really good design doesn’t jump in your face, so people undervalue it’s worth. Businesses don’t hire a graphic designer to work on their image and web presence, and even designers don’t realise their role creating a trustworthy image.

Think about each time you’ve hesitated when buying a product, each time it was probably due to poor graphic design – if it looks sloppy it can make you think that the business is just as sloppy about the quality of service, construction or other important details.

A trained graphic designer has more than just technical skills, something that many business owners don’t realise. Someone with a firm understanding of graphic design also knows what works for users and what won’t work, and when these factors transfer between one situation and another.

The best graphic design is one that no one realises is there. Many key brands and companies have carefully designed branding, logos and websites, but the majority of us never notice it at all. This can make business owners forget how significant a graphic designer is, but they shouldn’t. Good graphic design can make or break a business.

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