Google My Product Listing Ad’s Retiring

Google My Product Listing Ad’s Retiring

Posted On: Aug 23, 2014 By

google_shopping_ads Google My Product Listing Ad’s is officially being retired on the 31st August in favour of the new Google adwords service, Google Shopping Ads. There are many benefits of the new Google service, including:

Retail Centric Campaign Management

You can now browse your product inventory directly in adwords and create product groups for the items that you want to bid on increasing targeting and campaign effectiveness!

Powerful Reporting

Review and monitor how products are performing at any level of granularity that you want enabling you to identify new campaign opportunities to increase sales and profits!

Competitive Data and Advanced Optimisation

You can now benchmark campaign performance with insight into the competitive landscape. This will enable you to discover new opportunities for growth with impression share data and the bid simulator tool.

What do I need to do?

The good news is, Google is able to ‘auto-upgrade’ your My Product Listing Ad’s to the new format, which if you don’t manually upgrade by the 31st August will be done for you by Google. However, in order to ensure continued campaign success we advise performing the upgrade yourself to ensure the campaign is setup according to your specific campaign requirements. To upgrade:
  • Manually create a new shopping campaign to replace the existing My Product Listing Ad’s Campaign (Google’s recommended option).
  • Use the Shopping campaign upgrade tool to have Adwords create a new Shopping campaign from one of your existing regular Product Listing Ads campaigns.

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