Get your PCC strategy ready for the Christmas holiday

Get your PCC strategy ready for the Christmas holiday

Posted On: Oct 27, 2011 By

Christmas is fast approaching and now is the time to prepare your PPC (pay per click) online PR for the festive season – if you want to take advantage of the massive potential provided by the festive time. There are numerous activities that should be part of your PPC Christmas campaign. There are two actions that should be focused on according to Scott Smigler, writing for Practical eCommerce: Attention should be paid to Top Ads in Google AdWords. It has been revealed that PPC adverts positioned high on the search engine page can expect a click through rate increased by around 25 per cent than those located at the edge of the search engine results web page. It is therefore essential to identify keywords with a level of promise, also include any others that are doing well. Once these words have been identified, the keywords should go through “analytics and conversion testing to maximize conversion rates for their target landing pages.” With rates increased in conversation, you can then meet the expense of greater bids per click. By embarking on an aggressive bidding strategy it is possible to leverage the keywords with an upped conversion rate, to thrust your advert to the top of the search engine page. This will allow most importantly profits to be maximised, as well as revenue and traffic. Always plan for the unexpected. As the festive holiday approaches so will the number of internet users, and servers can go down. It is therefore essential to have a plan of how to control your PPC account – so as not to waste your PPC budget – if the worst does happen and your site goes down.
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