Facebook remains top

Facebook remains top

Posted On: Aug 01, 2011 By

Social network logins are increasingly being integrated into organisation's websites to amplify the number of sign ups and improve interaction. Facebook has once again seen great results, and is still the most popular social login according to second quarter results.

However they are facing tough competition. Google followed closely behind Facebook with 30% of social profile sign-up’s, Facebook had just 9% more. Yahoo and Twitter are still lagging behind, with 12% and 8% respectively. A report has shown that Facebook is still far from being the market leader, over 60% of social media users like to stick to a social identity other than Facebook to login to a website. Looking at social media and digital publisher sites Facebook is still king; however Yahoo slipped 6% giving second place to Google for the first time in the market. Social media networking users widely embraced social logins for many web services; social sharing has also had a large part in increasing social network usage. Unsurprisingly Facebook rule once again when it comes to socially sharing content, 59% of social network users choose Facebook to share content. Twitter is holding down second place, with 33%, but doesn’t show any signs of catching up. As an organisation, integrating a number of social media login options can raise sign-up rates and increase two-way communication between organisation and consumer.
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