Facebook business cards launched

Facebook business cards launched

Posted On: Jan 06, 2012 By

A ‘new model of social-business-networking’ is being launched. An online printer and Facebook, the social media site, will be creating customised business cards that use content held on Facebook profiles. This includes profile pictures, favourite images and favourite quotes. Each business card design is personalised by the individual so that a favourite image can be seen on the front along with a favourite image, a quote of choice can be featured on the reverse. This will allow business cards to look different and stand out to suit the business or occasion. Individuals can use material posted on their Facebook timelines, snap shots of their lives, to aid networking. “It’s clear that consumer habits of sharing business and personal information are evolving, and the lines between online social networking and offline business networking are not just blurring, but vanishing,” says CEO and founder of moo.com, Richard Moross. Research has suggested that business men and women are looking to ‘socialise’ their business cards using personal information associated with Facebook.
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