Ecommerce Trends for 2011

Ecommerce Trends for 2011

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Knowing what works will help your eCommerce business become more successful than ever before. Ever increasing in importance is social media marketing. Using social media is an effective and economical way to reach your online customers and find new ones, last year social media campaigns really took off. This year this trend is set to continue. If you were not using social media last year, this is the year to begin, and learn how o use it effectively. Twitter is by far the most popular social media network for business, it allows you to link with your customers and build a two-way communication into your relationship. It also gives you the opportunity to reach potential e-customers and expand your customer base. Making this part of your marketing plan for 2011 is essential, it is almost expected by many online shoppers – and without this link to them you may slip behind the competition. Using software to link your social media networks can be extremely helpful and timesaving. This allows you to easily post on all networks you’re logged into, getting your massage out to your audience quickly is key to getting sales that your e-commerce business requires. Social media can really come in handy when marketing budget’s are small, it is easy to use and also inexpensive. Whilst the e-commerce niche maybe competitive and sometimes feel saturated – new technology can make you stand out and increase sales. Uploading video’s online seems to be becoming a popular trend for of marketing and PR campaigns, especially viral videos that can spread like wildfire if targeted to the right audience. For example Agent Provocateurs viral video of Kylie Minogue riding a bucking bronco whilst modelling the famous underwear brand – this turned many heads, very quickly. Predicited to continue to be useful is SEO marketing. This tool is essential for an online business – if your customers cant find you easily they’ll will go to who they can find – your competition. This year try using technical SEO rather than standard – this seems to work specially well with newer search engines such as Bing. Email marketing is highly likely to continue in popularity – although a creative re-vamp of you email campaign is a good idea. Emails need to be personalised and eye-catching – consumers are expecting more than ever before, boring emails are simply deleted without even being glanced over. Taking time to keep up with the e-commerce trends of 2011 will really help your business. Reach your customers with creativity and the latest technology and they are more likely to sit up and take note.
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