Dow Chemical cancel plans for logo design on Olympic Stadium

Dow Chemical cancel plans for logo design on Olympic Stadium

Posted On: Dec 20, 2011 By

It has been revealed that the controversial Dow-sponsored logo design due to be used on the Olympic Stadium will not appear. This follows threats from the Indian team to boycott the games. India is strongly against the sponsor because of their ties to the 1984 Bhopal gas disaster. The incident killed thousands of people in the busy Indian city. The sponsorship logo was going to be used on the stadiums fabric ‘wrap’. 'There will definitely not be any Dow Chemical branding on the wrap before, during or after the Olympic Games,' a Locog spokeswoman said. 'There was discussion about having the branding on the test panels but Dow Chemical has now agreed to adhere to what we call our 'clean policy'.' Locog (The London organising committee for the Olympic Games) said there were never plans to use the Dow logo on the wrap. Going further the International Olympic Committee has now decided that the branding will not appear on the panels around the stadium. Dow is a major sponsor of the games and the parent company of Union Carbide. In 1984 a pesticide plant leaked gas into the city of Bhopal in one of the world’s worst industrial accidents. The company has said that all liabilities for the accident were resolved with the Indian government.
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