Do I really need pay per click advertising?

Do I really need pay per click advertising?

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Pay per click can sound scary and confusing if you don’t know what it’s all about. Many people shy away from this invaluable source of advertising through simple lack of knowledge. When in fact, PPC is fairly simple to understand if explained by a PPC expert to understand finer points. There are numerous advantages of PPC advertising, but firstly it is essential to understand what it involves. PPC is an online advertising technique, where the chosen advertisement appears as text within a search engine results page. Usually appears above or to the side of results organically generated. If people click on the advertisement, you then pay if people click on your link - consequently, the term Pay per click emerged. Advantages include much speedier results than sticking with SEO (search engine optimisation) to generate website visitors. Simply using SEO will take a number of months before results will be seen, PPC allows an organisation to appear within a chosen search engine as soon as the campaign goes live. The amount that’s paid per click is chosen by the organisation setting up the campaign, this system allows organisations to outbid competitors so it is possible to have your chosen ad displayed in the top PPC position. By controlling the price, each campaign can have a chosen budget – allowing PPC to used for products or services with different advertising resources. A further benefit of using PPC as a form of advertising is that is allows audiences to be targeted geographically. PPC campaigns allow organisations to set a target country.
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