CRM Software Provider to Deliver First Cloud Two-Tier ERP Solution

CRM Software Provider to Deliver First Cloud Two-Tier ERP Solution

Posted On: Mar 01, 2011 By

Provider of cloud-based financials, ERP and CRM software suits, NetSuit Inc. and Informatica, provider of data integration software, has announced a long-term collaboration. This partnership will work to deliver the first cloud computing-based solution for positioning two-tier ERP systems. The combination of Informatica's data integration with NetSuite's cloud ERP suite, will allow international companies to expand multiple business functions, as well as enhance their internal enterprise systems with cloud-based ERP solutions for their regional divisions. With this new two-tier ERP offering, IT can cut costs, increase business system implementation effectiveness, and greatly improve time to market. This new solution is great for multinational companies with multiple divisions that operate across completely different markets, and offering products and services through many different ways. In order to stay at the forefront of global competition, large companies must be able to adapt to new market opportunities when they arise, whilst still improving productivity and efficiency rates. On-premise business systems have a history of being very expensive and difficult to support the required business agility. However, with two-tier ERP, enterprises can create new global divisions and subsidiaries immediately, while still increasing the current investment in the company's on-premise enterprise ERP solution. 'The approach offered by NetSuite and Informatica, pairing cloud services with enhanced integration, has significantly improved the success rates and ROI of two-tier cloud ERP strategies,' said R. Wang, principal analyst and CEO of Constellation Research.
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