9 Tips to choose the best website design company

9 Tips to choose the best website design company

Posted On: Jun 21, 2017 By Tim

OK, hands up! I'm going to be completely biased here, and say isev, but give me 4 minutes and 15 seconds to give you some context as to why.

It's not out of payment, hypnotism or blind love - although love is involved! Its because of 9 key reasons you can use to check out other website agencies too:

1. You get a website designed for your target audience

Most know that blanket marketing is never 'great'. You cast a large net out hoping for the best and you end up catching some of what you want and a lot of what you don’t want.

Creating something that's targeted means:

  • More people take the action you want them to
  • Less time wasted with the wrong clients
  • Higher quality leads

This means you'll get a better return on your investment!

Generic or template websites have their place, however for most businesses that want the best results you need to be attractive and specific to your audience.

2. They create high-level professional designs

We've all heard the old saying 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' and that's certainly true, however, another saying 'majority rules' is more appropriate!

When you design, you need to appeal to the target audience (as #1 highlights), but your website needs to look beautiful and engaging to a wide range of people.

Think of it it this way, if you are looking for an accountant and are approached by someone wearing a suit and another person wearing a tracksuit, who are you going to pick?

Obviously it would be the man in the suit, why, because he's well presented for what he's selling and who he would be selling to.

It's the same with your website, high-level professional design, can separate you from your competitors, and be more effective at getting and retaining clients.

Take a look at or ask to see some of their previous work, is the website easy to use and find your way around? Does the style fit what the company is for?

3. Styled pages and content throughout the website design

This point is often a last thought of both the client and some website design agencies.

You have the home page looking amazing and great pictures and snappy content/messages....then on the internal pages you just blob the text in a big block, maybe shove an image in the header and leave it at that.

Now there are time and budget constraints, but we always advise to make the most of your internal pages!

Your internal pages are often key landing pages where services, key benefits and Calls To Actions (CTA) are placed.

If you spend a little time making the content more palatable to readers, you'll see your CTA results increase!

styled website content page

4. Worked directly with other reputable clients

A lot of agencies are quick to put a logo of some massive brand, and quite rightly too, there are a lot of talented people out there that have worked with some global brands.

However, don't be duped by people who 'worked with X brand at their last job' or where the project was sub-contracted and they just did a leaflet.

Companies like us that work directly with global and blue chip companies means you have access to a team that have experience at high levels of website design and promotion. It means you're in good company.

A few of the companies we've worked with :)

5. You’ll be working with a team

Being one of the best website design companies is about having the best people, talented, creative, passionate individuals that come together to create a unified team.

However, there are a lot of people who subcontract and outsource work to designers and developers, where the quality may vary from project to project, and any previous work you liked, may be from a different designer.

There may also be little collaboration between designers and developers, potentially causing problems or even delays, where a team that regularly work together on projects there will be higher communication and collaboration, and issues can be resolved quicker.

6. A team that does more than design

How the website looks is only one element of the design, it needs to do more than look good for it to be successful.

Well placed CTA’s, good content flow, easy usability, user interface and experience, website navigation and structure are a few things you’ll need for a good website.

To have these you will need a team made up of not just website designers, but also developers, marketers and good business knowledge and understanding, so looks to see if they have more than just website designers.

Also remember the design and development is just the start, who's going to support it when changes or security updates are needed?

Who's keeping up-to-date with website trends, usability, accessibility, and can let you know ideas that can be implemented to keep you ahead of the game?

Talent needs to be spread throughout the best website design company. Our team are extremely good what they do, this means you get the best return for your investment.

7. You own your website

This might seem a little odd, but there are companies and people out there, who will retain ownership of YOUR website after it’s built!

If you then decide you want to move on from them, you can’t go with your website.

When we design and build websites , it’s yours, you own it, to change and do what you want with it, whether that’s carry on working with us, on your own or go with another company.

8. You can update the website yourself

So you’ve got your new website, you’re thrilled, it looks great and you’re ready to reap the benefits, but wait, you think

“There’s a couple of things I’d like to tweak on the about us page, how do I do it?”

Only to find out that it’s not an easy fix without the proper details and adequate coding knowledge, meaning you have to go back to the website creators to get what should be simple changes.

You should have the ability to update the website yourself, there may be some aspects that need development work and you will need help changing, but things like text, images, content layout etc. you should be able to do yourself.

This is why we build our websites on popular content managements systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Magento, so there’s a simple framework to easily update elements of the website after it’s finished.

9. Working hard to make the best websites for our clients budget

This is different to just making the 'best' websites. To make the best websites you need a LOT of time and time costs money.

Does the client need to latest and best website? In most cases no, they need something that meets their objectives, looks good AND get the best for the budget they have.

There are other points to consider when choosing the best website design agency to work with, and we'll release some more in a later blog.

However, use the above to ensure the company you choose is meets those requirements and has your interest and needs as their main focus.

If you need to talk about any website requirements (and make sure we tick all these boxes), contact us.

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