BT Vision introduces social media to pay-TV

BT Vision introduces social media to pay-TV

Posted On: Jan 19, 2012 By

BT is set to launch a redesigned internet service that offers a more personalised experience and social media elements. Competition has intensified within the last week with the UK introduction of Netflix. BT Vision’s newest service will launch within the next few weeks, according to sources, which will see the introduction of greater interactivity thanks to its large online databases of on-demand content. The pay per click-TV service includes both sports and films over the internet, and has been an important aspect of the company's attempt to generate revenue outside its traditional phone market. To improve the experience for watchers, a personalised recommendation system will be introduced to improve the experience. Social media will be added to the BT Vision system, which will be revamped in advance of the YouView internet TV launch. The re-vamp of BT Vision has led to questions about how many video and pay-TV services can be supported in the UK alongside rival products by Sky, Amazon's Lovefilm and Virgin Media. BT has confirmed plans of the service, yet had no comment about details of the launch. However chief executive Ian Livingston said BT was focused on bringing “true interactivity to the TV set, which is the most watched screen in the house”. He added: “That means on-demand services; it means the availability of buying things as you do it; to have personalised services; to know what your friends like and what they think of it”. In the second quarter of the company's financial year up to September 2011, BT said it welcomed 41,000 customers – the highest number for more than two years – to bring the number of subscribers up to 639,000. Last week, analysts at Enders said Netflix's impact on the UK's pay-TV industry was likely to be smaller than the effect it has had on the US, given the availability of its low priced pay-TV with free on-demand components.
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