Being Different in Banner Design a good or bad idea?

Being Different in Banner Design a good or bad idea?

Posted On: Apr 20, 2011 By

Being different is something many people strive for in business, but many fail to ask themselves if being different is good? When really being different can mean being less effective. Trying to catch attention by doing something different, turning your advertising upside down maybe? It’s been done before and it doesn’t work. Reverse block is another common 'being different' thing, but again, it doesn't always work. We are brought up in the Western world reading dark print on light background, and also reading top right to bottom left. Doing anything different needs massive consideration and testing. Most people don’t like change and will not make more effort than usual to read an advert. A good banner designer will know whether or not something will work, and will inform you as such, they will have seen it all before many times, and the last thing they will want is to produce a banner for someone that is not going to work for them. What they want is to produce something that works, that way they get your repeat business. So while sometimes being different is good, other times not so. The important thing, is knowing when to be different and when to conform. Ask your designer, they are there to help you with successful design, ask them and listen to the why!
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