Apple Siri will shape mobile app development of future

Apple Siri will shape mobile app development of future

Posted On: Dec 19, 2011 By

The iPhone is once again leading the way in mobile phone technology. Apple’s Siri the personal assistant and addition to the iPhone has put voice automation technology back on the map. Over the next few years there is likely to be a huge demand for voice automated technology now Apple have started the trend. Most recently Xbox 360 has also brought in voice automation. Leaving moble app developers wondering what this new form of programming will mean for the future. Apple’s Siri may well be the break through in voice automation we’ve been waiting for and is likely to ‘drive adoption across the industry’ says Dr Ahmed Bouzid. Apple’s Siri is likely to be seen as the product that finally breaks through to the mass market. Siri was new to the iPhone 4S, the ‘Personal Assistant’ is able to schedule meetings, send texts and search the internet, to name but a few. This new technology has quickly been adopted by Apple mobile users and already has a cult following. The key element is the ‘natural language processing’ – the ability to reason and understand information in context added to the actual voice recognition technology that has been around for years. Siri is the first time consumers have seen both technologies combined.
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