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People expect eCommerce website to have a quick and seamless experience, from when they first land on the site to completion of an order. However, for a B2B business, things aren't quite the same, there is more of a reliance on sales reps, and while this is important to securing business, it doesn't need to be the only channel for it. With the evolution of technology, businesses and people have changed to how they interact with each other, and B2B businesses can secure sales through their website.

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We Create B2B eCommerce Websites

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We give you the functionality you’ll need to succeed, such as being able to offer multiple pricing tiers for different customers, while also being able to provide dynamic pricing depending on the quantity of products companies order. Everything is seamless and helps you trade more efficiently.


They helped tailor the Magento platform to our business needs, creating custom functionality that solved the complex task of letting customers order made-to-measure products through the website. This has in-turn improved our efficiency by reducing the number of phone enquiries and pushing more online sales.

– Emma Mcdonald - Wood By Post