Women make up 58 per cent of all users on networking sites

by: isev

on: 12th April, 2012


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Social networking sites are attempting to attract more men as it is revealed that women make up 58 per cent of online networkers, a study has found.

The amount of people joining Facebook and Twitter doubled between 2008 and 2010 – but over this period of time male users dropped three per cent, according to the Pew Research Centre.

This has left social networks struggling to figure out how to attract large number of men to these social media sites.

Men are naturally less likely to use social media as a form of expression, according to Keith Hampton, the study’s lead author and a Rutgers University communications professor.

So even if a website was created solely for me it wouldn’t make a huge difference in attracting men to network online.

He said: ‘Women historically are the networkers in relationships.’

This hasn’t stopped entrepreneurs trying to attract this difficult market.

Amplified is an eight-month old social network targeted entirely at men. The company also designed mobile application Jaxx, which sees men join groups depending on shared interests.

Men were found to interact more online when talking about activities or interests such as football scores – rather than personal feelings.

But it’s difficult to tell if networks such as this, targeted solely at men, will thrive in the way Facebook and Twitter have.

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