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Want to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing?

We help to proactively make suggestions and improvements to your email marketing campaigns.


Want to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing?

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Delivering Effective Results

How we can help

We can help with by assisting you with creating effective email marketing campaigns, we can help you with the design and create engaging, eye-catching emails, all you would need to do is provide us with the contact list and the content, and we would do the rest.

We can also provide you with detailed analytics, showing you how many people opened your email, and how they engaged with your email, so if you need help with you email marketing, contact us today.

Email Marketing Top Tips

Key points to remember when emailing your contact list

Make sure your email has a point, not just for you, but for the recipient, people will receive emails everyday, and if they see your email as inbox clutter, it could get deleted, or worse, they could unsubscribe, so give your contacts a reason to read your email.

Have an engaging subject line, if it is not engaging, your email could easily get deleted, so make sure you have a call to action on, that makes the recipient want to continue reading and open your email.

Do not overload your email, by this we mean, make sure it is quick to load, if you have lots of high resolution images in there, it may take a lot of loading time, and people will not want to wait to see what you have sent them, make it fast and responsive.

Optimise for mobile, mobile phones are very handy to check your emails on the go, and will probably be the first time a lot of your contacts will see them, if they can not easily read your email on their phone, they will not bother.

Track your emails progress afterwards, see how many people opened, where the people they clicked, what worked, what didn't work, and use this data for the next email campaign.