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Everybody loves Google.

It’s true, over 75% of people use Google to find what we want on the Internet, however ranking in the top 10 isn’t just for people that sell online. It’s for market leaders too! If you're the ‘best’ at something, then people expects to see you here, if not, you could be losing credibility.

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Everybody loves Google.

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Why isev for SEO?

Looking at all the important SEO factors.

SEO today is more complex, there are many different factors that leading search engines take into account when ranking websites. The way search engines used to work even 5 years ago is vastly different to today, which is why making sure the important areas that can make a difference are optimised.

Finding the best keywords to optimise for can be tricky, it's not just about ranking highly, it's about ranking highly for the terms that will convert browsers, into customers. We have a dedicated team who can find the optimal areas to target that will bring you the best results.

Knowing who your competitors are is crucial for knowing what the ‘competitive landscape’ is like, knowing who you are competing against, can help find out how to improve your website and find areas they have not tapped into. We perform in depth competitor analysis and find the optimal way to target your website and even areas they may be neglecting

Having a strong presence on Social media channels is an important factor, it shows that you are important in your area of expertise and that people engage with what you are saying, we can help maximise your social reach and can help make your content engaging and easily shareable over social media.

Having websites link to yours is like someone vouching for you, reputable websites that link to you can produce great results and improve your standing with search engines, and having disreputable or irrelevant websites link to you can end up causing you problems, we can proactively look at your websites link profile, and help advise you on how best to naturally acquire new links.

Content marketing is the effective way many companies are winning new business, by creating unique, helpful content to reach and gain, new customers usually through blogs, video, and podcasts. Our SEO experts can help point you in the direction you should take your content marketing efforts, and optimising what you create, and we can even create the content for you.


“Once the new website was live it was crucial we started to see traffic (or what was the point) so we partnered with Isev to manage our SEO and PPC campaigns. The PPC campaign was a great way to drive immediate traffic to the site and is still a valuable source of enquiries for our business. The SEO approach was the long-term plan to get as high as possible in the results pages on search engines. This has certainly started to generate enquiries for us without relying on pay per click advertising.”

– Jason Martin - 1st Choice Insurance